Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello! Ok, so I have completely neglected my blog for almost a year... The good news is, I'm back. It's been quite a year - I got married last August and had a baby in May. He's almost 9 weeks old. So I think I have a bit of an excuse for not posting. Also, the political climate has been so sickening that I would have had a hard time typing about it without vomiting. Especially when you consider the morning sickness.

Anyways, there's much too much material for me to really comment on our illustrious administration, so I will pose one question, pick one topic, and move on.

Question: Is anyone else enjoying watching Obambi self-destruct as much as I am? When polls show that, were the election tomorrow, he'd be in a dead heat with Sarah Palin, that's quality stuff.

Topic: Illegal Immigration. Perhaps someone can enlighten me. Now, I am a confessed Conservative and I may even be a little extreme in some of my views. However, most of the time I can at least see the Liberal side of an argument, even if I don't agree. Not so with illegal immigration. I can see absolutely NO good reason for not completely securing the border and using force if necessary. This is our safety we're talking about. Furthermore, our laws. It is a violation of our laws to be in the United States illegally. And don't give me that crap about "They're the gardeners and housekeepers and cooks - they're not criminals." Wrong. By virtue of the fact that they are ILLEGAL, they are criminals. That's what illegal means, jackass. It means AGAINST THE LAW. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why anyone would not understand this. I can see why there might be some debate about what to do with the ones already here, just because deporting them all would be a logistical nightmare, even though it's what I support. But the border itself? Build a wall, and if the idiots trying to climb it fall off and die, it's a consequence of them choosing to commit a crime. Send troops down there with orders to shoot on sight. I guarantee we'll see a decrease in illegals coming across. The reality is, it's not just housekeepers and gardeners coming across. Drugs and violence are coming across, too. In large quantities. It's time for politicians to consider the country's best interest for once and stop courting the Hispanic vote. SECURE THE BORDER!

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