Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Burn the Baby Fat!

Ok, so it has been almost 9 weeks since my c-section. This morning I went for my first run. I will be tracking my progress (let's hope I make some!)

Current weight: 143 pounds (down from 170 at the birth of my son in May)
Weight before pregnancy: 135 pounds
Goal weight: 128 pounds

I know, I know, it might be a bit lofty to want to weigh less than before the pregnancy, but I have reasoning. I was in awesome shape when I got pregnant and had a lot of muscle mass. I was a 135 pound size 2. Now, I'm only 8 pounds away from the same weight, but am much larger. I lost a lot of muscle mass and replaced it with fat, which as we all know, takes up more space. I figure 128 will put at about the same size. So here we go...

Today I ran 1.5 miles and it sucked. But I did it. So it's a start.

Tomorrow I will run again and do some weights... and report on what I ate (that's the worst part for me!)

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